company overview

AppsTech Solution has been founded by Ms. Jaya Prajapati, with the vision to ensure availability of IT solution & IT services in secluded region. At the later stage, the objective shifted towards endeavouring to create best and appropriate platform for female work force, with the same goal a platform has been created which is followed & driven by equity approach. As a resultant, AppsTech Solution has been enlisted among “Top 10 Women IT Entrepreneurs”.


Our vision is to create sustainable business model which shall incentivize inclusive growth and ensuring equitable opportunity to women workforce. Hence investing in women and socially deprived segment who aims for recognizable platform.


AppsTech Solution mission is to provide with an idiosyncratic learning platform for socially deprived segment, therefore inculcating the vision of digital India through imparting training on technical skill development. Along with encouraging significant fraction of women workforce to foster women empowerment.

Founder's Message